Our Constitution & Policies




Anti Doping Policy

GA - Anti Doping Policy
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Awards Policy
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Child Protection Policy 

Click here for more on Gymnastics Australia and Gymnastics NSW's Child Protection Statement. 

Event Management

Events Policy
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Provision of Judges Policy
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  • Region Committee 
  • Gymsport Committee 
  • Judge Management Committee 
  • port Council
  • Region Council
  • Sub Committees
  • Committee  Care Succession Plan
  • Committee Succession Policy
  • Volunteer Policy 
Discipline Policy
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Grievance Policy
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Governance Policies
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Social Media Policy
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Sponsorship Policy
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  • Inclusion and Equity Policy
  • Ethics and Integrity policy
  • Membership Satisfaction Policy
  • Sustainable Engagement Policy 
  • Quality Policy 

Member Protection

Membership Policy
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  • Conflict of Interest Policy
  • Delegations Policy
  • Financial Delegations Policy
  • Governance of Data Policy 
  • Privacy Policy
  • Reportable Gifts Policy
  • Whitleblower Protection Policy

Workplace Health & Safety (WHS)

Risk Management Policy
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