Bounce Back into Gymnastics with these 5 Lessons from Lockdown

What have you missed most about the gym?
Maybe it's friends. Challenges. Learning. Or just that whole gym vibe.

It’s so exciting to see so many faces starting to bounce back into gymnastics!

Our clubs have done such an amazing job at giving athletes a chance to keep training, stay motivated and focus on their wellbeing.
While it’s been a difficult time, there have been some small takeaways from our time in lockdown.

Australian Olympian Dani Le Ray shares some of the lessons her club Le Ray Gymnastics learnt during lockdown.

Top 5 Reflections from Lockdown

1. Focus on the opportunity that is in front of you right now
Sometimes you can’t change the situation, so you have to focus on what you’ve got. Whether it’s at home or in the gym, make the most of the possibilities presented! And if you can, create your own opportunities. Get creative!

2. Keep your eyes on the prize
Sometimes a competition, reopening or other event can seem far away, but you have to start working now to get where you want to be later.

3. Review your goals
It’s easy to get caught up in the rush of everyday life. Take a chance to slow down and re-evaluate goals. Many clubs also focused on the wellbeing of their members, and now there’s a chance to continue that great work inside the gym.

4. Collaboration is key
While gymnastics can be ultra-competitive, if we all help each other we can get through anything! For example, Le Ray Gymnastics collaborated with other clubs to offer online Masterclasses with some of the world’s leading Rhythmic Gymnasts and Coaches. When we work together, we can gain a lot. Let’s take that same spirit of collaboration out with us!

5. High-five yourself
Covid has tested your resolve and strength to stay motivated whilst out of the gym like no other generation before you. Take a moment to appreciate how strong you truly are :)

Despite the challenges of the last few months, the resilience shown by the community has been incredibly heartening, the former rhythmic gymnast said.

“We are so lucky to be involved in a sport like gymnastics that inherently teaches us all such important life lessons around dealing with challenges and obstacles,” she said. “It has been absolutely amazing to see these lessons put into practice with how the athletes have approached training during Covid.”

It's your turn to reflect now! 
What lessons from lockdown are you going to take into the gym?