Pack the Perfect Picnic: A Checklist

What happened to our hot Australian summer? While La Nina might be wreaking havoc with the weather, that doesn’t mean there won’t be some nice summer days ahead. 

Get yourself ready to pack the perfect picnic with this checklist so you can make the most of the day when the sun decides to shine!

What should I take?

Delicious, portioned foods! 
Pack a bit of protein (cold meats/veggie wraps, sandwiches), bread, cheese, dips and crackers, veggies (carrots, cucumbers, cherry tomatoes, capsicum), fruit and portioned desserts (cupcakes, already sliced banana bread, chunky choc chip cookies, rich brownie bars).
For sandwiches, put the soggier/soft ingredients like tomatoes and avocado in between the other ingredients to keep them from making the bread soggy.

Drinks such as citrus-infused water, sparkling mineral water and lemon, lime and bitters make for a great liquid refreshment. Don’t let them squish all the food and consider packing them in a separate basket or tote.

Take chilled drinks in coolers, and pack food with ice packs. Keep in mind food safety and don’t let refrigerated food go warm as it grows bacteria that you cannot see and could make you very sick!

Consider taking reusable cutlery and crockery you have at home, but if you want to make your load lighter, look at options more eco-friendly than plastic, such as bamboo and paper plates. To pretty it up, take a light chopping board to display your feast and snap pics for the ’gram. Also, if you go with the disposable option, take a proper knife as the lighter ones just don’t cut it! 

Alllll the napkins. 

Garbage bags.

Mosquito spray (they’re set to be out in force this year due to all the rain).

Sunscreen – even on a cloudy day the UV rays can cause some serious damage. 

Entertainment! Depending on your group, slip in a pack of cards, some conversation starters, a kite, or a ball to have a kick around.

All that's left? HAVE FUN!!