Activity Ideas to Improve Body Awareness

Did you know the body’s ‘sixth sense’ (real word: proprioception) is something we can actually help develop through movement?

Gymnastics NSW spoke with Everyday Independence Physiotherapist Bentley Grattan about the importance of this vital system in our bodies. Catch up here on proprioception (which refers to the body’s ability to perceive its position in space without the help of vision).

The Everyday Independence physio has also offered some fun ways preschoolers and older children can improve their body awareness. It won’t hurt adults to join in the fun too!!

Animal Crawls

Print off some animal pictures and play a game of charades. Here are some of our favourite ways to get a range of movements:
- Upright animals (Penguin waddle, kangaroo hop, Frog jump, flamingo balance)
- All limb animals (Bear crawl, donkey kicks, horse gallop)
- Ground dwelling/swimming animals (snake slither, seal slide, Crab crawling)


Climbing is amazing for improving body awareness! Children learn to pull themselves up, push through their legs and balance through their core. If you’re inside, you can set up the dining chairs to climb up, under and through the chairs if you can’t get to a playground or find a tree nearby.

Obstacle courses

These are fun no matter how old you are! Being resourceful and setting up a course with whatever you can find is so good - it requires carrying objects and manipulating items before you even start to use the course. Kids come up with all sorts of creative things that often involve multiple activities like, jumping, running, balancing, skating, throwing and crawling. The best thing is that they get confident and start to increase the speed which requires an increased sense of proprioception to stay on track.

Thanks Bentley for these great ideas!
Gymnastics NSW has partnered with therapy organisation Everyday Independence to continue our commitment to welcoming everyone to gymnastics