Ready, set, Parkour!

NSW gymnasts have hit the ground running at the 1st FIG Parkour World Championships.

Stephania Zitis, Kent Felton and Harrison Gabriel were joined by Queensland’s Brodie Pawson to represent Australia in Tokyo, Japan at the historic event.

Between October 14 – 16, the athletes competed in speed running and freestyle routines against fierce competition.

Stephania, who trains at Glebe PCYC, left the dust rising behind her as she sped across the course with a time of 47.69 seconds to qualify for the semi-finals in 10th place. The 25-year-old’s second run saw her finish in 10th place – a fantastic result overall! In the freestyle event, Stephania also put in a fantastic effort to place 15th with a score of 14.0.

“Being amongst the best parkour athletes in the world is for sure very inspiring,” she said while reflecting on the event. “As many of them are also my long-term friends, it gives me the opportunity to speak to them personally about their training and athlete journey. Watching them grow and seeing the effort they put in to get where they are today makes me strive to be the same.”

Meanwhile, the men’s cohort saw Kent from Manly Warringah Gymnastic Club, race through the speed running course in 32.02 seconds to place in the top 30 at 27th overall. The 23-year-old also competed in the freestyle event, to gain a score of 11.5 (Difficulty: 5.00 and Execution: 6.5).

He was joined by Harrison (aka Harry), who trains at SXL Gymnastics, in the freestyle event as well. After coming from a back injury a few months ago, the 24-year-old was thrilled to be competing and donning the green and gold. His freestyle run scored 10.0 for a 45th place.

“The highlight of the competition was watching everyone throw down super hard,” he said. “I’m just keen to do better next year in France.”

Congratulations to these superstar athletes – you have made us all proud!

A shoutout also goes to Brodie, who finished in 16th place in the speed event with a time of 29.08 seconds – great work!