New wave of young coaches joining the ranks!

A new wave of young, talented former gymnasts are making their mark in the coaching ranks.

Phillipe Rizzo, Josh Jeffries, Ingrid Dunkerley and Monique Boswell are four former gymnasts who excelled in the FIG Level 2 Academy program in Canberra in December. Ingrid and Josh topped the course with 97% - an outstanding result in a rigorous and demanding week long program.

This new generation of coach comes with strong technical knowledge, deep theoretical understanding and tremendous enthusiasm which bodes well for the future of gymnastics in Australia and will undoubtedly contribute to the growth and development of Australia’s young talented athletes. 

To read more about Phillipe, Josh, Ingrid and Monique click on their image below.

Phil Rizzo

Josh Jefferis
Ingrid Dunkerley
Monique Boswell