Working with Children Check Requirements

Working with Children Checks

It is a requirement of Office of Children’s Guardian and Gymnastics NSW that all members and volunteers over the age of 18 have a current and valid WWCC number.
Gymnastics NSW under the Child Protection Strategy requires “employees and volunteers of member clubs have undergone the required background screening”.
Gymnastics Australia requires all affiliated clubs to ensure their employees and volunteers have current child protection accreditation as part of the club's annual accreditation agreement. 

WWCC numbers must be supplied to Gymnastics NSW for all coaches, judges and volunteers wishing to be involved in any Gymnastics NSW event.  
Note: It is illegal for a club to hire an employee or accept a volunteer that does not have a current and cleared Working with Children Check number. 

Access the WWC website. 

Renewing Working with Children Check details

Members who applied for their Working With Children Checks in 2013 are due for renewal this year.
The renewal process is easy to complete.
Go online to Office of Children's Guardian click "RenewYour WWC number" button.

Help Video HERE 

Adjusting Working with Children Check details

  1. Go online to Office of Children's Guardian click "Update my details" Link.
  2. Click on the button to Update Details or change from Volunteer to Paid  
  3. Complete the required details
  4. Completed the process by attending the RMS to verify the changes.

Help Videos HERE