What is TeamGym? 

TeamGym is a program for Teams of 6-12 team members and comprises of three apparatus, a Floor routine with synchronous gymnastics dance moves and gymnastics elements, Single Mini-Trampoline and Tumbling – all performed to music. Single Mini-Trampoline and Tumbling are performed in “a stream” where one competitor comes after another. TeamGym is an exciting and audience friendly competition. TeamGym is growing in Australia, with strong teams of teenagers and young adults pitting their skills and teamwork against other teams. The Australian TeamGym program has been developed for teams of gymnasts, with performances on 3 different apparatus.

Teams perform on the following apparatus:

- Floor
- Tumbling
- Vaulting / Mini trampoline 

The program is split into following divisions:

  1. Novice: Entry Foundation Skills Level
  2. Intermediate:Entry Extension Skills Level
  3. Advanced:Medium – High Skill Level, Introduction of Team Rounds
  4. Open: Introduction to European TeamGym
  5. International: Modified European TeamGym

The benefits of running a TeamGym program

TeamGym provides additional participation opportunities through a flexible, exciting and socially competitive environment. It provides a relaxed and casual team activity that is fun, social and caters to a mix of ages and genders. TeamGym requires minimal equipment and has a broad appeal to engage audiences, it provides an opportunity to retain gymnasts as it maintains a connection with traditional Gymsports.

Flexible program - Appeals to a diverse range of participants (ages, skill levels and abilities etc 

Incorporates skills from other Gymsports - Easy to integrate within current programs 

Entry level program -Allows new gymnasts to start with peers of same age regardless of ability

Proven product in international markets -The long-term outcomes of TeamGym are exceptional

Support and workshops
Training and support is available as required
Program will be easily marketed with promotional resources
Club manual provides easy implementation of the program including example training sessions, competitions and displays

 A fun addition to current programs -Creates opportunities for clubs to engage with new audiences

Showcase your club -Creates opportunities to showcase gymnastics in the form of displays

How do I get started?

1. Attend  the Coaching TeamGym workshop 
2. Gain a GfA Coaching Accreditation or attend TeamGym relevant workshops at  the annual Coaches Professional Development Conference.
3. Attend the TeamGym Building for Tomorrow  Athletes Clinic (athlete and coach)

TeamGym Events

Errata #1
(Adobe PDF File)
2020 Team Gym Events

2-5 October @ Country Championships
21&22 November @ State Championships
Please see the events calendar for entry information and Covid_19 TeamGym program amendments. 

2020  TeamGym workshops
There are currently no face to face workshops scheduled due to Covid_19
Please contact for further information

To register for a workshop click here

Start TeamGym in your Club!

2019 TeamGym Manual
NSW School - TeamGym Manual
(Adobe PDF File)
TeamGym Flyer
(Adobe PDF File)
2019- 2022 TeamGym Manual
(Adobe PDF File)