NSW Team Future Squad


The Team Future Squad will bring the best-of-the-best athletes and coaches together into a collaborative environment and working towards developing innovative ideas and achieving specific objectives. The ultimate goal is to prepare athletes to what is needed to compete for Australia on the international stage.

How will this be achieved?

The Team Future Squad will utilise an innovative holistic approach towards athlete development for a High Performance (HP) pathway. This is specifically targeted towards identified up and coming Junior gymnasts. Providing these athletes exposure to some of the best coaches from across Australia and resources to assist both them and their coaches in their daily training environment (DTE), The Team Future Squad will be delivered through regular training camps and regularly monitored in all aspects of performance. In addition, the training session will be conducted in state-of-the-art facilities and integrate gymnast performance, support and education. The goal is to enhance physical and technical capabilities in transitioning to Junior FIG level 9 under 15.


The program aims to deliver on the following objectives:

  1. To identify gymnasts who demonstrate potential to transition successfully into the Junior FIG Pathway (i.e Level 9 under 15).
  2. To track and monitor performance by ensuring all squad athletes are following tailored individual programs created by their clubs and overseen by TF.
  3. To ensure Team Future aligns with our State’s performance targets.
  4. To encourage athlete’s and coaches to adopt ideas into their DTE that will assist in increasing performance trajectory.
  5. To provide the athletes with clear, documented feedback through the use of Skill, Profile (strength) and control testing.
  6. To support and develop the gymnast using a holistic approach focusing on a range of health and well-being aspects.


Selection Policy

    TF Selection Policy
    (Adobe PDF File)