Handstands At Home

In all gymsports, gymnasts use a variation of handstands throughout their training, routines and competitions. So taking the time to work on your handstand technique and strength at home, is going to benefit you in the gym! In this article we are going to look at some simple, but effective, handstand drills you can be practicing at home it help build strength, stability and confidence in this position, no matter what level of gymnast you are. 

All you will need is a wall (preferably one where you are not going to kick mums nice artwork off onto the floor) and a chair!

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TIP 1: Start with the basics

I know you want to get upside down straight away, but trust us, spend the time working on your shaping in these drills and you will be able to hold a better handstand for longer, in the future!

Position 1: Angry cat

Position 2: Front support

Position 3: Inverted Handstand against a wall

Think about pressing into your hands and pushing up through your shoulders. Your core should be engaged! 

TIP 2: Okay, now let’s go upside down!

Grab your chair, its time to strengthen your handstand shape and technique!

Position 1: Tuck handstand

Position 2: Pike handstand


Technique: make sure you are using all three points of your hand on the floor: the palm, the fingers and the heel of the hand. Your weight should comfortably be placed in the centre of your palm with your shoulders directly over your hands.

Try holding these positions for 10 seconds. If that is too easy, increase the time!

TIP 3: Time to get vertical!

Once you have worked through the first lot of drills and you feel confident to go upside down, you can start to practice your handstands against the wall.

Position 1: Front to the wall

Position 2: Back to the wall

Similar to the step before, aim to increase your handstand hold against the wall each week by adding on 10 seconds at a time. Building endurance in your time against the wall, is going to help you away from the wall.

TIP 4: Practice, practice, practice!

Like learning or refining any skill, you will have good days and bad days with your handstands. That is totally normal and expected! The best thing you can do to improve your handstand hold is practicing. So each week, set aside 10 minutes, grab a timer (your phone works perfect!) and work through these drills. You are bound to see improvements on your handstand hold time and your technique, win win!