5 things your coach wants you to know after lockdown

1. We will take it slow

You know how those first weeks after Christmas are usually all about prep? This will be the same. We will keep making small steps forward to make sure you stay safe.

2. Yes, strength may seem harder

While we trust that you did your home strength and stretching…its just different in the gym. Don’t worry – you’ll be back to being the chin up queen in no time.

3. No, we didn’t expect you to be where you were before lockdown

We will not ask you to complete you pre-lockdown routine on day 1. We may go back to some drills or easier skills as we settle back in.

4. We will work together to set new goals

We know the plan changed this year, but we will be here with you as we look to what the next skill or goal is for you.


A coach without athletes is…well pretty lonely! Zoom is great, but we have missed having so many happy faces in the gym!