9 Energy-Busting Indoor Games for Kids Living in Lockdown
We all know children can act up a bit when they are feeling pressure, stuck inside, or sitting too long at the computer. Instead of waiting for this to happen, why not proactively set up some energy-busting games to help get those wiggles out?

Here are 9 indoor energy-busting physical activities for kids – and the best part is you don’t need to buy a single thing!

1. Action Songs
Materials: Music player and speaker
There are plenty of fun, movement-based songs that you can crank up to get everyone moving. Some of our favourites include the Animal Freeze Game, Floor is Lava song, Shake Your Sillies Out, Walk and Walk and Stop, and the good old fashioned freeze game where you play a funky tune and freeze when the beat stops.

2.Brain and Brawn
Materials: Paper, marker, scissors, socks or soft ball, masking tape or blue tack
  • Cut up some paper into squares or medium-sized rectangles and write a number on each one – depending on the age of the child you could go up to 20.
  • Stick the papers onto a window or wall and give your child a pair of rolled up socks or a soft ball.
  • Ask your child mathematical questions (for eg 5+9, or 3x4, or 50-41) and they have to find the answer on the wall and hit the ball onto the number to complete the task.
  • This game engages the brain, visual tracking, hand-eye coordination and spatial awareness.
Note: You can adapt the activity for many ages, with the difficulty level varied by changing up the answers/numbers on the papers and size of the paper pieces for extra accuracy needed to hit the target.

3. Pillow Party
Materials: Bed, blankets and pillows!
Find a safe place in the house, either the bed, or the floor with extra blankets. Stack up your cushions and pillow and your child has climb over the mountain without toppling it over! Or perhaps you are the monster and they have to move from one side of the bed to the other without getting hit! Maybe you are the pillow hoarder in the middle and they have to steal your stash without getting tickled.
There are so many fun ways to play with pillows, use your imagination and go wild.

4. Treasure Hunt
Materials: Your choice!
Hide away 10 treasures, choosing both high and low locations that will have your kid moving around the home. Have your child go hunting and give them extra clues by telling them if they’re hot or cold when looking for each item.

5. Dice it Up
Materials: Paper, scissors, marker and sticky tape Create a cube with an action on each side and have your child roll the die to see what they need to do next! 
Play some music in the background to keep the atmosphere upbeat and create two dice for some extra fun, for example the second die has emotions on it to add to each action - Crawl like a bear, with a silly face.

6. Over and Under
Materials: Chairs, pillows, sheets, pegs and household furniture.
Create an ‘over and under’ obstacle course. Set a timer and go go go! Your child has to weave through the obstacle course, crawling under a row of chairs, over a pile of pillows, under a fortress made with sheets, over the couch and under the table to reach the end.

7. Spin it Out
Materials: An office chair
This is best done with nothing sharp, hard or dangerous around.
Have your child sit or lay across an office chair and spin them around, changing it up between clockwise and anti-clockwise. Spinning activates the vestibular system inside the body and children need a lot of input to help them develop. While it may look nauseating to us adults, spinning can actually help children regulate their emotions and give them a chance to let off steam.

Note: if you don’t have an office chair, try spinning them around while holding their hand!

Materials: Laptop
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9. Roll ‘em up
Materials: A towel or bedsheet If you have a toddler or smaller child, you can use a towel while an older kid might need a bedsheet.
Lay them onto the towel while on a bed or soft floor. Again make sure there are no hazards around! Then roll them up, with their hands tight beside their body and head sticking out (this is important!). Hold onto the end and unfurl them quickly as they tumble across the bed or room and enjoy their laughter! 

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