How to take your gymnastics training to the next level

Have you ever felt like you’re stuck in a rut with training? Or just looking for some ideas to help you go the extra mile?

High Performance women’s artistic coach Cody Moore has given coach’s some fantastic advice on how to drive an athlete’s training up a notch on GNSW’s latest Raise the Bar podcast episode.

Inspired by our conversation with the Manly Warringah Gymnastics Club coach, we’ve pulled together his best tips that you can apply as an athlete:

1. Show up

The simplest piece of advice from Cody was to show up at training, despite whatever else has happened throughout the day. Gymnastics requires a consistent application of effort, and the first part of that is making sure you are present in the gym. It doesn’t matter if you’re not training at your best – if you are there, you are giving yourself the opportunity to learn and make progress.

2. Set training goals

Set yourself a goal for the week and chat to your coach about how you can come up with small actionable goals every day to improve your training. You can make progress purely by focused effort on smaller pieces that make up the larger part of your skill. For example, you can decide that for this session, you will try to keep your toes together on all swings on bars. One step at a time, but with the knowledge you are working towards something specific.

3. Communicate

Ask the questions and deepen your understanding. If you want to know more about why you are doing an exercise, or how to understand it better – ask your coach. Answered questions lead to a better understanding of what you are doing, which can help you improve! It’s also important to chat to your coach or a trusted person if you are struggling with something, because they aren’t mind readers and often they really would love to help.

4. Be adaptable

While it’s good to know what to expect during training, sometimes things don’t go to plan. If something just isn’t working out, your coach can help you focus on something valuable where you can make some progress. Or finding another route to achieve your goal. Sometimes it could mean switching to strength work, or going back to basics with skills. Whatever happens, try to keep an open mind and welcome the opportunity to divert your energy to a place where you can have a positive outcome.

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